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Convenient, and Effective
Email me now ( to find available times!

Raise Your Math Grades With Online Tutoring In Four Easy Steps:
  • 1) Email Me To Let me know what math topics you want help with, and the time(s)/day(s) that work best for you. Once we find a convenient working schedule, we move on to the next step:
  • 2) Send Your Payment For The Scheduled Session via PayPal, to Your payment must clear in full into my PayPal account before we proceed to the next step:
  • 3) Wait For My Email Confirmation. I will send you the link to my online whiteboard, and my extra email address to use if you need to send me any attachments. My Skype name is
  • 4) Be Ready To Start The Tutoring Session At The Scheduled Time. Ask me all the math questions you need to ask. I will make sure you understand all you need to know to complete your homework and/or to be prepared for your test. Take notes and/or save copies of our work in the whiteboard pages to your own computer for later reference.

Parent Testimonial:

"Hi Juan,
Happy to tell you my son passed the ELM test and now I would like to see if you could help my daughter through the end of the year with Algebra 2. We would like to start next week if this is something that works for you.
Thank you."
Nina M.

How It Works:

Online Math Tutoring Steps

It all starts when you contact me. So email me as soon as possible, do not delay your success.

If you want help with math, I can help you. I will answer your questions, and explain math problems and topics in a way that makes sense to you, making sure you really understand all you have to learn.

If you have questions about my tutoring service, my qualifications in math, my tutoring experience, or about the specifics of online tutoring, please feel fre to contact me, as well, and I will be happy to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision about hiring me as your online tutor, either for yourself, or for your child.

Online tutoring is very convenient. You can get all the help you need in math from anywhere with a working internet connection.
Save driving time, gas, and traffic hassle! You can get the math tutoring you want from the comfort of your own home.
Let me help you! Take advantage of my ample online tutoring experience helping students with their math troubles.

The first step is to communicate, and to find a tutoring schedule that is convenient for both of us.
This can easily be done through e-mail, text messages, or phone calls. You can give me additional information relevant to the math class you want help with. You can also ask me questions about my background, or my tutoring approach, until you are satisfied that I am qualified to make a positive change in your math performance, and will be able to help you improve your results.

The second step is to take care of the payment process. For online tutoring I take payments through PayPal.
In case you are not familiar with this payment service, it is very popular, convenient, and easy to use.
Once you open your PayPal account, you can use it at multiple sites over the internet, instead of giving your credit card to each individual merchant. You will need to link either your bank checking account, or one of your credit cards to your PayPal account, in order to transfer funds to your PayPal balance, and be able to make payments via PayPal.

The next part of the logistics for online tutoring is to set up the audio/video connection to be able to talk during the tutoring session. For this purpose we use Skype.
It is easy to set up a new account for free with these services, in case you do not have one.

A crucial component for online tutoring, especially when it comes to math, is the visual aid for writing down math equations and formulas, and for drawing graphs, so that both the tutor and the student can look at the same material at the same time, and be on the same page.
This is achieved through an online tool called a "whiteboard page." Technology has made great progress in this area. As soon as I receive your payment I will email you the link to my whiteboard page, where you can simply login as a guest at the start of each tutoring session.

It may be the case that you need me to look at specific problems, definitions, or other references so that I can thoroughly understand your questions within the right context. Some of your materials may be publicly available online as internet pages but some others may not, for example, notes you took in class, or excerpts from a book that is not online.
In that case, you can always take a picture of your document with your smartphone, or scan it into your computer, and send it to me via an email attachment. I will also provide you with the email address I use to receive ttachments.

The above explanation covers pretty much all the basic ingredients we need to have a successful, productive online math tutoring session, or sessions. Please feel free to contact me in order to get started, or to ask any further questions you may have, because I look forward to hearing from you, to give you the answers you are looking for, and to be able to help you with your math.

Student Testimonial:

"I transferred into a university and was unable to take a Calculus one class. I didn't want to get behind in my studies so I decided to clep. However, I was told that I would have to clep Calc. 1 and 2 or none at all because they didn't have a clep test for just one. I really needed help, but all the people that should have had the knowledge either didn't have the time, or really maybe didn't have the knowledge. I was looking for help online and found Carlos' site. I thought it was great, and was very dissapointed when I realized his services were in California and I am in Arkansas. I sent him a little e-mail anyway. Long story short he made it possible to help me by phone and online. I passed the clep test with a 67 which is 17 points more than the 50 I needed. I wondered how just a few sessions with Carlos could be so helpful. I think its because all you have to do is say a problem and he's right with you. He doesn't fumble around trying to figure things out and losing precious time. The bottom line is he knows his stuff and is capable of helping me and anyone else know it too. I'll be meeting with him regularly until I graduate with my BA degree. Everyone from Maine to California should consider Carlos if in need of good and serious help on math."
November F.

Via online tutoring I can support your learning efforts even if our physical locations are separated by a long distance. Thanks to the technology that makes online tutoring possible, I have helped students who live in places such as Canada, California, Arkansas, New York, Florida, and Mexico, to name a few.
You, too, can access my tutoring help, the math help you are looking for, from your own state and city, as long as you have a working internet connection.

The whiteboard page is the main part of the virtual learning environment we use as our communication channel. Thus we eliminte the limitations imposed by our geographical separation. In a way, the internet has shrunk the world to a smaller size, bringing us together with a few clicks, and making it possible for you to benefit and take advantage of my solid math knowedge, and my ample tutoring experience.
We do not have to be in the same room. You can be in your own city, in your home or anywhere that is comfortable for you to focus on your study, and still receive my exclusive, undivided attention where I work one-to-one with you, and I focus on providing you with the explanations you need to understand your math problems and increase your math performance so you can achieve your goals.

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