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Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Online Tutoring

"Hi Juan, thank you for all your help and patient guidance teaching Ben how to think through a problem mathematically-conceptually, and ultimately strengthening his mathematical know how in solving math problems successfully. Just to let you know Ben passed his ELM exam. As a result, his math confidence has greatly improved."
Debbie C.

ELM Free Practice Exams
The first quiz, from CSU Math Success, is administered one question at time, in interactive pages that keep track of your score as you move through the quiz.

The second quiz on our list above is provided at Study.com when you register for a free five-day trial with them. This quiz is administered in blocks of five questions per interactive page.

The four PDF documents on our list are ELM study guides created and published by California State University.
There is some overlap among them, in the sense that any two of these ELM practice tests have several questions in common.
However, they are not identical. They are all different tests because each of these ELM problem books has some unique questions in it.
Practice makes perfect, and repetition is key for the math skills tested in the ELM exam to sink in while you prepare for it. So it makes sense to go through as many of these ELM practice tests as you can, to strengthen your grasp of the material.
Some of my ELM students have indicated they felt the problems in the actual ELM test were a little bit harder than the problems presented in these four PDF practice exams. That means you really want to make sure you perform completely on top of all that material.

The previous to last link on our list goes to a short questionnaire with 15 ELM sample questions provided by the test prep company ETS.
Almost all the students whom I have worked with on this short collection of 15 sample questions, have said the problems in it are harder than the problems in the real ELM test.

The last link on our list opens to an online, interactive quiz with 50 questions.
During 2014, several of my students who took the ELM test previous to finding my tutoring service, mentioned that in their opinion, that 50-question online quiz represented the actual ELM exam they took, more accurately than the rest of the ELM study guides included above in the list, in relation to the problems' difficulty level.

ELM Tutoring

Are you looking for an ELM tutor, a math tutor truly expert on the ELM test?
If so, congratulations! You are in the right place!
Are you having trouble with Geometry, Algebra, or Statistics questions? If you are, worry no more, because I will be happy to help you!
Do you need to retake the ELM exam and raise your score? I for sure can help you get those extra points!
If you are preparing for the ELM test, and would like to count with the support of a professional, effective, clear, patient tutor who will listen to your questions and answer them to your total satisfaction, contact me!
Email me at: tutor@sdmath.com

When you need to take the ELM test, it is not only a requirement for staying enrolled in the CSU system, it also functions as a placement test.
Depending on how well you score in the ELM, that will determine what math class you get to take next. Your ELM score may be the difference between going straight into Calculus 1, or having to take GMS-90, the first course in the General Math Series, the so-called 'remedial math' classes.
I actually taught a GMS-90 class at SDSU, and a Math-95 class at City College. I am very familiar with all the material in the ELM, and I understand the difficulties you are facing with those math problems.
Not only am I very familiar with the ELM material but I can explain it, too, to you, in particular, according to your own style of learning and reasoning. I can explain the problems in a way that makes sense to you. I focus on understanding your questions, your doubts, your perspective, your point of view, and addressing your concerns about each problem.
Let me make the ELM math easier for you. Email me!

Online tutoring is very convenient. We can meet over Skype, and work out the math problems in my whiteboard page. We can go over some of the study guides in the list above, or some of the practice tests in one of the ELM prep books shown along this page's right margin, if you have one of them. Working out the problems together, I can see where you need to improve your performance and/or your understanding of the math involved, and I can show you the clearest, fastest, shortest, or safest ways to solve the problems, so you can choose the methods that work best for you.

For the most productive use of your time, I would recommend that you start reviewing the practice problems on your own, and make notes about them in a separate journal, previous to meeting with me.
At this stage, do not focus too narrowly on solving the problems but make it your job to find out what problems are the hardest, the ones that give you more trouble, the ones that make you more confused. Then mark them, and write down the specific reasons why each problem is hard for you. Then we can go over those hard problems during our tutoring sessions, and I'll make sure to answer all of your questions.

If you are struggling with volumes, systems of equations, word problems, or complicated expressions with fractions and negative exponents, save yourself some time, trouble, and frustration! I have two degrees in mathematics (Masters, and Bachelors), plus over 20 years of math teaching experience in the classroom at the college level. On top of that (and perhaps more importantly), I have plenty of experience tutoring individual students just like you, for their ELM exam; satisfied students who have successfully passed their ELM requirement.
You see, using resources like the ELM practice tests, prep books, tutorials, and video tutorials linked to from this page, is great, all well and good, and I hope you'll find them helpful. However, in my opinion, and according to my experience, when you are struggling with some math topics, nothing works better than the individual instruction a live, expert, dedicated tutor can provide. Call me, so we can schedule a tutoring session to work on your ELM preparation!
Email me at: tutor@sdmath.com

"Hurrah. Jim passed the ELM. Yippee. [...] Your tutoring really helped him prepare for the test. Thanks,"
Theresa T.

A few tips:

  • Remember you can pass your test if you think you can.
  • Believe in yourself, do not despair.
  • Study smart for long enough before the exam, do not leave everything to the last minute.
  • In each problem, ask yourself: "What can I do?" and your brain will look for an answer to that question.
  • While solving math problems, never ask yourself: "What am I supposed to do?" because if you catch yourself asking that question, the obvious answer is that you do not know. That increases your anxiety level, which does not help.
  • During the test, use all the time available, do not give up early.
  • Manage your time. Do the easy problems first, then go back to take care of the harder ones.
  • Every few minutes, and between problems, relax as deeply as you can for a few seconds. Close your eyes, breath deeply, open and close your hands and go to a happy place in your mind. Then come back and begin fresh with the next problem.
  • You can do it.

ELM Tutorial Document

Basic Review ELM tutorial (by James Sebring) - PDF Document

The ELM tutorial document above is about 24 pages long. In it, its author gives a basic review of many of the math topics that are tested in the ELM exam. It is not an in-depth study prep book, and it does not have practice problems but it has a good list of topics, concepts, examples, definitions and procedures you want to master and be familiar with before taking your ELM test.

ELM Video Tutorials in YouTube

The following five videos cover the first 70 questions in the CSU ELM Problem Book - 114 Questions - PDF study guide, the first PDF document in our list (the fourth link) at the top of this page. Each video shows solutions for ten or twenty of those problems.

These ELM video tutorials are hosted both in their authors' website: MathGotServed.com,
as well as in their YouTube channel: YouTube > maths gotserved.
For your convenience, we embed them here so you can watch all five of them from this page.

ELM EAP EPT math Test practice questions part I 1-10

ELM EAP EPT math Test practice questions part II 11-20

ELM EAP EPT math Test practice questions part III 21-40

ELM EAP EPT math Test practice questions part IV 41-60

ELM EAP EPT math Test practice questions part V 60-70

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