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Hundreds of students have used Juan Carlos Castaneda’s tutoring service to make dramatic improvements in their academic performance.
Simply contact Juan Castaneda Math Tutor and have your questions answered.
Online Math Tutor, Juan Carlos Castaneda

You've just found one of the most effective mathematical improvement resources available online.

Juan Carlos Castaneda’s online math tutoring service.

Have you been searching for a math tutor that really answers your questions and enables you to master your math problems?
Are you tired of approaches that look promissory, only to find out they don’t deliver a clear understanding and a satisfying result?
Are you ready to begin dramatically increasing your mathematical power, talent and skills?

"Hey Juan,
I've just finished with my Masters degree in Computer Science from Cal State San Marcos.
I'd like to thank you again for helping me out immensely with all my courses over the years."
Chad D. - March 15, 2015

  • Do not let math be the subject that holds you back!
  • Clear up the confusion, and eliminate the frustration caused by math mental blocks
  • Increase your understanding and comprehension of math concepts
  • Dramatic reduction in math anxiety and related stress
  • Increased confidence in your math skills
  • More learning ability and progress in your math studies
  • Improve your academic performance
  • Maximize your test scores
  • Pass your exam with flying colors!
  • Gain admission to the school programs of your choice
  • Achieve your academic and career goals
  • Move on to bigger and better things with confidence

"Hi Juan I ended up meeting my requirements in math on the GRE. Thanks for all your help!"
Anna F. - November 2, 2014

Backed by a Master of Science degree in Mathematics, outstanding grades throughout my academic career, over 20 years of teaching experience in college and high-school classrooms, over 12 years of tutoring experience and several hundreds of successful students fully satisfied with their results. (my background..)
My unique tutoring system delivered in an interactive, dynamic, caring way with active listening, undivided attention and engaging questions will help you get results faster and with less frustration than you ever dreamed possible...

No long-term contracts, no pre-paid plans. Pay as we go, one session at a time.
Reasonable, affordable rates (See details..).
At each session you determine how well my tutoring is meeting your expectations and helping you towards achieving your goals.
You get to decide when you want to schedule the next session.
I am very confident about your satisfaction.

"I just got back from Germany and I wanted to let you know that I passed my math exams and was offered a place at both of the Universities I applied :) I will be starting my semester at the European Business School in the fall. Thank you again for all your patience and endless hours of hard work spent with me! I could not have done it without you."
Julia L. - June 26, 2013

Developing your skills with help from Juan Castaneda Math Tutor will...

»Easily give you deep insights of clear mathematical structure (and a larger perspective for solving the problems)...

»Stimulate the creation of new connections between the phrasing of word problems and their natural solutions, reducing your stress level and leading you to a higher performance in problem-solving...

»Dramatically improve your confidence, knowledge base, and problem-solving skill set...

»Create true quantum leaps in your awareness of numerical patterns and logical structure within algebraic expressions...

»Significantly lower your test-related anxiety as well as the time it takes you to solve each problem...

»Create remarkable improvements in your ability to organize, represent and translate mathematical data found in word problems, even those that have stubbornly resisted all your previous attempts...

»Dramatically increase your effectiveness at finding your way around complicated mathematical relationships, thus allowing you to enjoy the certainty of true solutions...

Hello! My name is Juan Castaneda, and in 1981 I started developing a very effective tutoring style -that by now has helped hundreds of students- based on pushing my mind's limits in the pursuit of this goal: to see every math problem, as much as possible, from the particular perspective and point of view of each individual student I am working with.

My online tutoring methods will accelerate both your mathematical performance and understanding in a measure that will surprise you.

The sum of the first six odd numbers

Natural, deeply rooted, tremendous teaching capability

Simply email me your practice test or homework problems, and meet with me online via Skype (or Gmail's audio-chat) and through my whiteboard page, and experience a dramatic positive change in your math abilities

Make it easy, save yourself the struggle!

Free yourself from those problems,

with help from Juan Castaneda's Online Math Tutoring service!!

Have your questions answered.

Would you like an expert professional to help you solve your problems with undivided attention?

Contact online Math Tutor Juan Castaneda!

All levels

From 4th grade all the way to college, including ELM prep as well as GRE, CSET, GMAT, SAT, and CBEST preparation

Speed up the process. Why waste precious time being stuck?

Online Math Tutor Juan Castaneda is the answer whether it is about standardized exams, tests or homework.

I help my students to tackle their math work successfully and faster so they can move on to bigger and better things with confidence.

Shorten that learning curve and improve your grades with expert guidance from Online Math Tutor Juan Castaneda (MS in Mathematics).

Math problems? Hard homework? Upcoming exams?

To sort out that math maze and for ELM, GRE prep, and other standardized tests, email online Math Tutor Juan Castaneda to schedule an appointment.
Please support this site by sending a donation to: via because with your help we can increase and improve the mathematical information you can find in here. Thank you.

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